Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning 4.5 stars for all the twists and turns and sheer unputdownability of this last book in the M+J saga. Glad that references to “Deep South” and ridiculous generalizations about today’s generation were kept to a minimum. Not so glad they were replaced with inaccurate and ridiculous references to feeling “schizophrenic” and that that somehow involves multiple personalities. Two VERY DIFFERENT conditions folks! Wish movies and books would stop doing this already. We have the internet - no excuse for ignorance here... But despite these irritations of which there were not a few - Mac and Jericho really brought it home for me. They truly save the series and have such a fun dynamic. World building was also pretty great and I loved some of the creative scenes involving illusions. Fun fun fun! So while it didn’t have me fawning over the sheer brilliance in writing - I’m here for it - and will give the next few books in this world a chance too. I’m fairly certain that even with a few eyerolls, I’ll have fun. :)