Sweep of the Blade

Sweep of the Blade -  Ilona Andrews Currently reading in installments on their blog....! What an awesome present every Friday. I'm shocked reading through some of the "reviews" that were based on a part of the chapter condemning it to some version of what they think it will be. Haha. Talk about jumping to conclusions...as usual, the Andrews' tale starts with a conflict you think you know and is slowly morphing into an intergalactic adventure. Prepare for new and old friends, family dynamics, Maud's backstory, Helen!, and incredible character development....put simply, everything we've learned to love about this series! And while the romance aspect is present given Maud's reasons for being there, that is definitely NOT the focus, which is very in line with how these books have been written. As in life, romance is only one of the storylines and there's a lot happening. Also, it shifts perspective, but the Innkeeper narrative really continues so I have a feeling we will be seeing Dina and company at some point soon!